Learning Objectives

Total goals:

  • To enhance students' interest in learning Mathematics;
  • Teaching basic mathematical concepts and skills to lay a good foundation for learning mathematics;
  • Inspire logical thinking of students, for students to be able to use mathematics to solve problems in daily life;
  • Students' number sense and spatial sense for students to recognize and appreciate the rules and structure of numbers and;
  • Develop students' thinking, communication, problem solving and creativity;
  • Through the knowledge base of mathematics, improve the ability of lifelong learning.

Mathematics Features

  • According to the central curriculum framework, with the qualities and abilities of our students, develop school-based curriculum.
  • Courses combined with life situations, allowing students to use knowledge to solve their problems.
  • Emphasize a collaborative inquiry learning model, focusing on students construct knowledge from exploration and practice, students thinking, inquiry, communication, reasoning and creative abilities.
  • Arrange appropriate and diverse learning activities, such as physical operations, problem solving, group discussions, with contextual learning, allowing students to master mathematical concepts and skills in the activity.
  • Through various practical, progressive and summative assessment, including classroom activities and discussions, unit assessment, thinking problems, quick calculation and assessment and exam etc ..., comprehensive view of students of all learning areas of knowledge, abilities and skills, as a teaching feedback strategy to enhance students' learning effectiveness.


Mathematics Activities

1. Maths Day
Held every year, through mathematics quiz, game booths or mathematical tours and other activities for students to experience learning math fun.

2. Mathematical stations - boosting the morale of thinking
Once a month, post problems in the school, with a specified time period to answer, training students in logical reasoning ability.

3. Mathematics Learning Corner
Raise students interest in mathematics and mathematical thinking to train students through math games and chess activities, and develop self-learning ability during recesses.

4. Mathematical Olympiad Training Course
Mathematical Olympiad training offered at the school for students to enhance self-confidence, broaden their horizons and cultivate the spirit of mutual cooperation.

5. Collaborative Meetings
Maths teachers have collaborative meetings which focus on lesson planning, and constantly improve classroom teaching, enhance the effectiveness of teaching; peer lesson observation, exchange of ideas, improve the teaching level each week on each unit / title issue.

Mathematics Activity


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Nets of a cube



Science corner

A+ math 





Apps Promotion


Counting 1-10 [Chinese]

數糖果高级版 – 學數字和顏色

You can learn counting, comparing, and the order of 1-10.

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QRCODE -- 數糖果高级版 – 學數字和顏色

Android link



Targeting Maths 2 [English]

Targeting Maths 2

There are several levels of calculation to play.

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Little Mathematician [Chinese]


This app includes different kinds of mathematics and provides Cantonese.

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QRCODE -- 小小數學家教育遊戲



Division Wiz Free [English]

Division Wiz Free

This is a game about division.

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Mad Math Lite [English]

Mad Math Lite

This is a game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Math Ninja Free-Times Table [English]

Math Ninja Free-Times Table

This is a game for memorizing times table.

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Pizza Fractions 1 [English]

Pizza Fractions 1

You can consolidate your concept of fraction by this game.

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Math Monsters Bingo [English]

Math Monsters Bingo

You can have a deeper understanding about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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AR 3D shapes [Chinese]


You can view from different sides by using the textbook with you and enhance your knowledge about 3D shapes.

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Area+ [Chinese]


You can calculate the area and compare between two shapes.

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